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Disney Ship Leaves Port Canaveral for Miami

It’s not goodbye, but so long for now. 

After sailing from Port Canaveral for the past 11 years, Disney Dream has left central Florida for Miami. 

This move comes just before Disney wish makes her Florida debut at the end of June. 

Starting today, Dream will sail three, four, and five-night cruises from south Florida calling to either the Bahamas or Western Caribbean, depending on the itinerary. 

Disney Fantasy will remain in port Canaveral, while Disney magic does a med season, and wonder sails Alaska.

Seabourn Completes Full Fleet Restart

As multiple cruise lines complete their fleet restarts in quick succession, Seabourn has been added to the list.

The luxury line’s fifth and final ship, Seabourn Sojourn, set sail from Piraeus, Greece on Monday.

The vessel is now on a 10-night voyage that will end in Malta, with ports in Greece, Croatia, Albania, and Italy along the way.

This summer, Seabourn has three ships in the Mediterranean, one in northern Europe, and one in Alaska.

The line’s first expedition ship, Seabourn Venture, is scheduled to debut in July.

STORY: Entire Seabourn Fleet Back to Cruising as Final Ship Sets Sail 

Luggage Cage Accidentally Dropped Overboard

Some passengers had a rough start to their vacation last week when a cage of luggage was dropped overboard during embarkation.

Guests were boarding P&O’s ship Ventura in Southampton on Saturday when a full luggage cage was accidentally dropped into the water.

A lifeboat was lowered to get the cage, which likely held around 15-20 suitcases.

There’s no word on how the luggage was returned to guests, or if P&O offered any compensation for the potential damages.

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