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cruise news today march 15 2022

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CDC Lowers Cruise Travel Warning

Less than a month after lowering its cruise warning level, the CDC has dropped it another notch.

On Monday, the agency lowered its cruise notice from a Level 3 “high” risk to a Level 2 “moderate” risk. This means the CDC has seen 50 to 99 COVID cases per 100,000 guests and crew in the past 28 days.

At Level 2, the agency advises that cruisers are up to date on their vaccines. Those who are not or are at an increased risk for severe illness should not sail.

In mid-February, the level was lowered from 4 to 3. Following that, many cruise lines dropped their mask mandates. As well, many lines that hadn’t been allowing unvaccinated kids to sail began allowing them.

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Norwegian Escape Runs Aground

There was some excitement in the western Caribbean on Monday afternoon when Norwegian Escape ran aground while departing Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

The captain informed guests that wind contributed to the bow of the ship digging into the sandy floor of the harbor. Although several tugboats attempted to free the ship, she would up on the wrong side of the tidal charts.

At the time this brief was broadcast, the ship was still aground. Now as of early Tuesday morning, Escape was able to break loose from the seabed once the tide came in.

As of this morning, the ship was docked back in the Dominican Republic for what appeared to be an inspection once daylight came.

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New Details Revealed on Disney Wish Stage Shows

Disney Cruise Line has announced new details on two of Disney Wish’s stage shows.

‘Disney The Little Mermaid’ will be a modern-day retelling of the movie, featuring a reimagined script, video projections that transform the theater to an undersea environment, and more.

In ‘Disney Seas the Adventure,’ Captain Minnie hands over the helm to Goofy, who goes on a musical voyage with Disney characters to discover his own inner captain. The show will conclude with a sendoff in the ship’s atrium, something Disney has never done with a stage production before.

Disney Wish is scheduled to debut this July out of Port Canaveral.

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