Cruise News Today — November 2, 2021 [VIDEO]

cruise radio news today november 2 2021

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Carnival Increases Capacity Limits

Carnival Cruise Line has started to notch up capacity limits as the cruise industry continues to make a strong comeback. 

Carnival’s brand ambassador John Heald said on Facebook that Mardi Gras is currently sailing at 85 percent capacity. When the line returned to sailing in July, it was at 70 percent capacity, and has slowly been increasing the numbers. 

Carnival said it is sailing around 99 percent vaccinated, with the exception of children who cannot get the vaccine.

Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Manually Verify Vaccination Status

Royal Caribbean Blog is reporting that Royal Caribbean is now manually verifying vaccination status before you cruise. That means that every guest that uploads their vaccination card into the Royal app before the voyage will have their card reviewed and approved within 24 to 48 hours by a real person. 

As a side note, on my current Celebrity Apex sailing, we had to do the same thing and my vaccination card was validated within a day. 

Richard Fain said that 92 percent of guests are currently using the cruise app before and during the sailing.

Celebrity Apex Voyage Continues

Our cruise on Celebrity Apex continues where yesterday we got to test out the Magic Carpet and see how it’s used on the destination gangway. Docked off the coast of Nassau, we were able to board the carpet and experience it as a tender operation. 

We also got to tour the navigational bridge where we learned about the ships dynamic positioning system. The system means no anchor is used in ports, instead the vessel stays in the same position by the use of thrusters and the azipods. 

The ship will be christened later today in Fort Lauderdale at 4 pm with an 8 pm sail away. You can watch the sail away at 

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