Cruise News Today – May 31, 2023 [VIDEO]

Travel is Back

The demand for cruises has surged after a long period of shutdowns, largely due to pent-up demand from eager travelers and high airfare prices to international destinations. 

Many travelers are now choosing cruises as their next adventure, and the demand for river cruises, in particular, is high. 

Despite concerns about a recession and inflation, the demand for travel remains strong, and consumer confidence in traveling is increasing due to a desire for new cruise experiences and reconnecting with the world.

A recent survey from AAA members shows 52% of U.S. adults are just as likely or more likely to consider taking a cruise as they were before the pandemic, up from 45% from last year. 

Costa Returns to Service

Costa Cruises can now say every one of their ships is now in operation following the Costa Serena resuming service in Asia. 

Initially welcoming guests earlier than planned, the cruise liner will feature a program of chartered operations for local travel agencies in Southeast Asia and the Far East. 

The ship has been out of service since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and has spent time in the Middle East. 

While the other vessels, the Costa Venezia and Costa Atlantica, did not make a comeback, the Costa Serena continued to prepare for guests, undergoing maintenance work and technical improvement work during this time.

Trouble for Cozumel Waste Company

A garbage company in Cozumel has been fined for operating illegally and bringing garbage, including recyclable trash, from cruise ships to the island using illegal collection centers. 

Ecomar was fined for their irregular handling of waste from cruise ships and failure to produce necessary permits for waste removal services in Cozumel. 

The Director of Ecology warned that the company is now prohibited from using Cozumel facilities for cruise ship garbage. 

Cruise ships pay to offload trash for collection in ports of call like Nassau and Cozumel.

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