Cruise Podcast: Previewing Ship Casinos

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A preview of what casinos at sea may look like after sailing a five-hour gambling cruise out of Port Canaveral, Florida. We take a look at what we saw with protocols and safety procedures.

Sherry Laskin has cruise news:

  • Carnival Corporation sells off a cruise ship during the shutdown
  • Cruise ships head to the West Coast of North America
  • MSC Cruises starts construction on a new class of ship
  • An Asian cruise line will be the first major cruise line to resume sailing
  • Norwegian Cruise Line cancels the remainder of Alaska 2020 sailings
  • Carnival Cruise Line rescues a distressed vessel

Listener Question: The map shows three cruise docks in Cozumel, how will I know where Carnival Vista is going to dock. – Kayla

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