Cruise Port, Things to do in Dubrovnik

things to do in dubrovnikAmong the many ways to travel that are around today, surely one of the most enjoyable and rewarding are the cruise holidays. Apart from the wonderful feeling of being on the sea, sailing onboard magnificent cruise ships, every cruise is bound to pass some amazing places of this Earth, stopping in order to let passengers discover each and every particular place they meet along the shores of the seas or oceans. The freedom that cruise passengers get is almost unequaled and having everything one might dream for aboard a cruise ship, while gracefully sailing into the sunset is unique. Among the greatest cruise destinations in the world and surely one of the best stopping points across the Mediterranean Sea is the Croatian town of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is one of the most interesting and most beautiful cities in Europe, with one of the oldest commercial ports in Europe and a well-preserved old town that still features some amazing landmarks. It is no wonder the city has become a major cruise destination along the years, with many ships stopping and allowing their passengers to experience the majesty of Dubrovnik. While visiting the city, tourists have plenty of things to do and see, the most important activities being concentrated around the cultural discovery and the amazing beaches. There are several beaches where tourists can relax and try the Adriatic waters, while gazing upon the walls of Dubrovnik. Among other highlights, hiking in the nearby area, sampling the local food and trying some of the many water sports are also important.

Nevertheless, Dubrovnik is world renowned for its cultural heritage that lies within the walled old city. Most of the cruise tourists arriving for the first time in the city will surely want to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site first, maybe by walking along the walls that surround the old quarter. Enclosed within the walls, the small peninsula has several charming and inciting monuments and attractions, as well as many small hidden treasures along its narrow stone streets. With Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches and monasteries, massive palaces and charming fountains, the old town of Dubrovnik is truly impressive of the background of the blue Adriatic Sea. The main sights of the city are: Sponza Palace, Rector Palace, St. Saviour Church, Franciscan Monastery, St. Blaise Church, Dominican Monastery and many others. There are plenty of things to do in Dubrovnik.

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