Cruise Radio News Briefs — March 23, 2021 [VIDEO]

cruise radio news briefs march 23

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Discovery Princess Floated Out

Princess Cruises’ newest ship Discovery Princess was floated out at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy last week.

The float out marks another important construction milestone, and now interior fittings and final touches will begin. 

The 3,660-passenger vessel is Princess’ sixth and final Royal-class ship. It is set to be delivered next year.

STORY: Discovery Princess Floated Out at Fincantieri Shipyard

Royal Caribbean’s Fain Says Cruises Could Resume in Summer

Royal Caribbean Group CEO Richard Fain delivered another video message this week, saying he could see large ships sailing from U.S. ports by July.

He noted how the vaccines have changed the game and proven the CDC’s ‘Conditional Sailing Order’ outdated, saying it was “a very positive step at the time, but that time has passed.”

“Today the vaccines and other measures have changed the trajectory from a steep climb to a dramatic fall. The pandemic isn’t under control, but it is getting there.”

He added that by the time the company can sail again, the vaccines will have rolled out even further. And that with science and medical advancements, the company can safely plan for summer sailings.

STORY: Royal Caribbean’s Fain Says Sailing From U.S. Could Begin In July

Disney Dream Has Close Call With Casino Boat

Disney Dream had a close call with a casino boat in Port Canaveral last week.

A PTZtv webcam caught footage of a casino boat seemingly having trouble docking due to strong winds, with Disney Dream bearing down on the boat on its way into port.

A pilot boat came to the rescue, moving next to the boat’s stern and pushed it towards the dock out of Dream’s way. Thankfully, there was no resulting incident.

STORY: Close Call for Disney Cruise Ship at Florida Port

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