Cruise Radio Surpasses 30,000 Weekly Listeners

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When I got into work this morning I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.  My travel show (Cruise Radio) month end reports were released and the Cruise Radio listenership is over 31,000 people a week!  To think that a show under a year old is getting more views than a lot local TV/ Radio stations blows my mind.

I wish I could personally shake every listeners hand for believing in Cruise Radio and tuning in week after week.

If I could, I would like to thank a list of people for helping make this show what it is today.

A big Thank You to:

Mike Monahan, Marketing Director at CruiseOne, for believing in our product and sponsoring us.

TJ Macy for the brain storming session at the very beginning stages

Matt Basford for the hours of behind the scenes work producing the show and making our show sound better than any network show!

Stewart Chiron (Cruise Guy) for joining us week after week, whether he is in Mexico, Europe or floating in the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise ship, he has always been here giving great advice and commentary.

Chris Elliott for giving his expert advice on topics across the board.

Geoff Edwards, Ralph Grizzle, Anne Campbell, Vance Gulliksen at Carnival Cruise Lines Corporate, Scott Lara and numerous PR agencies across the country for setting up great interviews.

Our Twitter/Facebook followers for re-tweeting and sharing our shows.

Brooke Morris our web guru. Craiger Williams our talented voice over artist.

God, bosses, friends, co-workers, parents, and believers — You all rock!

We have a great team assembled and look forward to many more episodes.

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