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Ah, there’s nothing like a family vacation. And modern cruising — with Spongebob sightings, cupcake decorating contests and staffers to babysit so Mom and Dad can have a little cannoodling time — make it as easy for families to hit the high seas as it is to plan a trip to Walt Disney World. (Heck, Disney Cruise Line encourages folks to do both with their land-and-sea packages!)

 But not everyone necessarily wants to travel with their offspring, let alone those of complete strangers. After all, adults only zones — like Vibe Beach Club on Norwegian’s larger ships or Serenity on many Carnival vessels — are every bit as much in demand as are kid zones. Which got us to thinking…

 Should major cruise lines offer child-free sailings? 

 Imagine if, say, once a year, Carnival Vista or Norwegian’s Getaway or the Regal Princess set aside a week during which adults could set sail without little ones running about underfoot. No screaming infant at the next table. No trying to dodge sugared-up young ones running around the buffet. No crying baby on the balcony next door interrupting your me-and-the-sea time.

Now, this doesn’t mean you won’t still have to deal with the usual assortment of inconsiderate adults. You know, the loud drunk guy at the next table. The liquored-up lady running around the buffet. The smoker on the balcony next door polluting your me-and-the-sea time.

 But if the lines were to offer child-free weeks — as in no one under the age of 18 allowed on board — would you book a cabin? Would you even be willing to pay more for the opportunity?

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