Cruisers Complain About Hurricane Itinerary Changes

Most of the cruise-loving community has watched in horror as some of their most beloved destinations have been devastated by a rash of hurricanes and storms. We’ve prayed for the safety of those who live and work on the impacted islands, cheered as the various cruise lines have taken part in hurricane relief and even been a little envious of those who wound up having their trips extended due to the weather. But proving that every barrel of apples contains a few worms, some crass cruisers are proving themselves completely tone deaf by actually complaining about how entire islands being decimated and populations displaced is impacting their cruises! (FYI: The names have been changed to protect the guilty!)

 Hurricane Change: “This Is So Unfair!”

Carnival Breeze, St. Thomas

One poster to a popular site — we’ll call her Jenny — whined that because of the hurricane-mandated change to her cruise’s itinerary, she missed out on the opportunity to recreate a romantic moment. “My husband proposed to me over dinner in a restaurant in St. Thomas,” wrote Jenny. “I wanted to turn the tables by proposing to him at the same restaurant. But because of [Hurricane Irma], our itinerary was changed. Instead, I had to try and create the same experience in a restaurant on board the ship, and it just wasn’t the same.”

Jenny apparently thought better of — and eventually deleted — her comment after more than a few people pointed out to her that there was a good chance that the restaurant — like many other buildings on St. Thomas — was damaged if not completely destroyed. “Poor you,” wrote one. “How cruel of Irma to ruin your plans by demolishing St. Thomas!”

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Another poster complained that his upcoming honeymoon would not be going as planned. “This is so unfair,” he said of a change to his November itinerary. “My wife-to-be and I have been planning this trip for a long time. Now, I don’t even know if we want to go on the cruise at all.”

Crass Cruisers Outnumbered By Good Samaritans


On the bright side, cases like those listed above are few and far between when compared to the huge number of cruisers who are not only worried about those impacted by the storm, but looking for ways to help. Again and again, people have hoped that one or more cruise line will announce trips to the impacted areas which will allow them to help, even if only for a day or two, rebuild the damaged hot spots.

Cruising, unlike almost any other form of travel, seems to create a bond between those for whom it is their preferred method of travel. Over time, members of the cruise community become like family. And of course, as with any family, there’s always the aunt who complains about everything or the uncle who doesn’t tip the waiter after dinner. Fortunately, they have, in this time of crisis, proven to be the exception rather than the rule!

Has your cruise ever been impacted by a tropical storm or hurricane? 

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  1. I was on the Elation last October during Matthew. The cruise was originally scheduled to go to Nassau and Half Moon Cay. the night before the cruise all passengers got an email notifying us that due to the hurricane we would now be going to Freeport and Key West. Not surprising and I was just glad I still got to go.
    Once on board we got word that the storm had shifted and that Freeport was going to get a direct hit,therefore we would get two back to back days in Key West. I was thrilled to be honest since i love Key West and was happy to finally get to spend a longer time there.
    the final result of the cruise was,two days in Key West plus an additional day at sea due to the Port of Jacksonville being closed.
    As i write this I have a cruise booked for October 1 out of Port Canaveral to Nassau and Princess Cays. Its looking good for no itenerary change at this point but if I should end up at different ports,I will be happy and enjoy them regardless. And hopefully it wont cancle but if it does ,then I will simply try again with another cruise

  2. I keep reading complaints about changes=well the islands have been destroyed and along with possible dangers going into ports there could be health hazards, physical hazards as people living there are in for fight for their lives mode…believe it they need tourists back, cruise lines need to sail, and people want to travel. Just be thankful that you are alive and that the cruise lines are doing the best they can to provide a vacation you will remember and assure your safety.

  3. Yes, my first cruise in 2005 was impacted by Hurricane Rita. We stayed an extra two days at sea, went to an extra port of call and had beautiful weather. That was the cruise that got me; hook, line and sinker.

  4. Great idea here. At least I think it is. Let all these complainers cruise to the ports that were affected by the hurricanes. Then they can spend the day there picking up debris, handing out bottles of water and food. I bet they will never complaint about a change in itinerary again.

  5. sure, I’ve cruised a great deal and more than once my cruise destinations were changed or cancelled. It isn’t the cruise lines fault, people!!! They do what is necessary to keep passengers safe. I really would like to just slap each of the complainers. It makes me so mad when people act like fools.

  6. Hi Becky, My husband and I are on the Oct. 1 cruise also; I love to travel with happy people who always understand when these crises occur. I really cannot understand people who blame the Cruise lines for weather results! What’s that about??? Cruise line management teams only want to protect passengers and their ships, and they don’t make changes unless they Must! We are cruisers who wouldn’t mind just staying on the ship, just look at all the fun things one can do! Nassau here we come. The Dunhams

  7. Yes…I was on the Valor when Hurricane Matthew impacted Florida last year. I wasn’t worried about us but the people that would be impacted by the storm. We cruise every hurricane season and understand the chance we take; however, we are from Louisiana so we do not allow that to stop us.

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