Cruisers Hysterical Reactions To Royal’s Dress Code Confusion


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As a whole, we cruisers aren’t necessarily great at dealing with change. So it’s probably not surprising that when word began to spread that Royal Caribbean had updated their dress code to indicate that on casual nights, shorts and tank-tops were acceptable in the main dining rooms, people had a lot to say! And although Royal later took to Twitter to clarify that in the dining venues “we suggest a ‘Smart Casual’ attire” (which would not include the questionable clothing choices), the dust-up was fun while it lasted!

We headed over to Cruise Critic to check out their message boards, and here are some of our favorite responses.

• “Great,” wrote user ToxicFairy, “now there is no difference between my camping vacations and my cruise vacation except the tent!” (Ocean Boy later reminded Toxic of another primary difference: “No open flames allowed anywhere on the ship either, so forget the campfire!”)

• FPP777 pointed out that “this will present undesirable side-boob on both women and men!”

• In pointing out the fine line between the two categories of dress code cited, user Don Pedro perfectly summed up the situation. “It’s easy to tell the difference between a phone and a smart phone,” he opined, “but casual and smart casual is an enigma!” 

• Moonltnite pointed out that even before this update, policies weren’t necessarily enforced… and backed that up by describing a look he’d recently seen during “formal night” on Allure of the Seas. “The most obnoxious was a guy in an underwear (v-neck, thin white cotton) t-shirt that was wrinkled and not that clean,” he explained, “paired with his bizarre sequined belt and very worn jeans!” 

• But perhaps our very favorite was Sea Shepherd, whose attitude left us thinking, “We kinda want to cruise with you!” Their response to the furor? “Time to buy some new MDR tank tops and shorts and flip flops. This is going to be fun! I love ticking off the snooty people!”

Should cruise lines allow passengers to wear shorts in the main dining rooms? What about tank-tops?

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