Cruising, Bigger and Better

The cruise industry has experienced a lot of setbacks over the past couple of years – from the sinking of Costa Concordia, norovirus outbreaks to ships floating without power. All of those headlines have put an “X” on the backs of the cruise industry and cruise lines, especially over the past year.

While some may have their doubts of cruising and the industry, cruise vacations are here to stay and are stronger than ever. In fact, cruise lines have ships that are bigger than ever these days. 10-years ago who would’ve thought we’d have a cruise ship that could hold over 5,000 cruise passengers, a high dive water show, a ropes course 150’ above sea level – or better yet – indoor skydiving?

Cruise giant Travelzoo recently asked some cruise line executives what they see in the future of cruise lines and their answers proved there’s a cruise evolution.

Royal Caribbean President and CEO, Adam Goldstein, said” It wouldn’t surprise me if a cruise line decides to build a ship larger than our Oasis class of ships. History shows that over time ships get larger.” Of course, referring to the giant Oasis-class ships that ply the water of the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

Carnival Cruise Lines, who recently brought a slew of entertainment and dining options to sea with their $500-million dollar Fun Ship 2.0 initiative offers just as much excitement as the other cruise lines, if not more. “Cruising in the 21st century is all about choice and it’s all about you … whether you like lying on a lounge chair and sipping a cocktail or joining in a Karaoke sing-along,” said Adolfo Perez, Vice President New Market for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Thanks to all the new programs at sea, cruising is no longer a throwback to the old days when you had to be old, retired, rich or honeymooning to enjoy a cruise vacation.

See what Travelzoo has to say about cruising in this upcoming year.

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