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Is Cruising Expensive — a Breakdown



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 Nothing crawls under my skin more than a real know it all. I experienced one of those type of characters earlier this evening.. they told me — Cruising is WAY too Expensive!  (not to mention super cheap with these economic times).

Really?  Compared to what I asked?  No response.  My thoughts exactly.

Let’s do some math, shall we?

The following is based on a family of four:


3 night Orlando, Fla. Vacation:

Hotel (resort): 600.00
Theme Park Tickets (3 day): 932.00
Food (3 days) 480.00
Total: $2,012.00


3 night Cruise Vacation to Bahamas on Royal Caribbean:

Cruise Fare (w/taxes) 896.63
Hotel: included
Food : included
Total: $896.63

As you can see, taking a cruise saves you over $1,100.00.   Hmm, maybe it isn’t such a small world after all?

Keep in mind this comparison was based on average resort prices, meals, and passes to theme parks. Prices may vary. Void where prohibited. Dealer retains rebate…. kidding!

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