Designer Reveals Inspiration Behind Koningsdam Interiors

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In the final video of the “Conversations with Adam D. Tihany” series, the acclaimed hospitality designer reflects on his inspiration for designing ms Koningsdam‘s interior spaces, and the reasons that people travel.  He wanted guests to create memorable experience aboard the ship, and an adventure that inspires them to return.

In the video, Tihany notes that when people travel, they usually desire a touch of glamour for their vacation experiences.  He used this as his basis for the spaces aboard the ship, as well as his overall vision of the “architecture of music,” as many areas on Koningsdam hint at the curves of musical instruments.

“We need to do everything possible to surprise and delight our guests, and from my side it’s the design,” said Tihany.  “The greatest thing people bring back from traveling the world is memories, and I want their memory of their experience on Koningsdam to be once-in-a-lifetime.”

The first video in the series was about how the architecture of music and the curves of different instruments influenced public spaces throughout the ship.  The second video took a look at the ship’s various culinary venues.

To watch the third and final video in the series, click here.

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