Dining Times: Is Early or Late Better?

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Cruise dining in the ship’s main dining room is more of traditional dining experience: same wait staff, same table mates, and 4-5 course meal.  Your cruise will generally have two different dining times,  6 and 8:30.  Which one is the best one ?  That’s a question only you can answer.

Early dining is for the people that have a set dining time every night, are traveling with kids, or have room to eat at the midnight buffet! 🙂  This dining time is more typical for families.

Late dining is more ideal for folks who aren’t on the set dining schedule, have a full day planned in port, enjoy late night social activities, and don’t mind finishing up dinner about 10 pm.  The later dining option includes less families and more of the 20-40 yr old crowds.

I have done the late dining every cruise because I don’t like to be rushed and love the late night social scene on-board.   It is your vacation so you don’t have to do either dining time if you don’t want to.  Every ship has alternative dining options like room service, the pizza joint,  or a buffet.  Just make sure you eat. That’s what a vacation is all about!

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