Disney Cruise Line Does What With What?

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Apparently, you really do learn something new every day.
There we were, perusing various cruise stories as we do, when one headline in particular caught our attention, if only because it was a cool story about a cruise line doing something pretty darn cool. The headline, from TheBahamasWeekly.com, read, “Disney Cruise Line Used Cooking Oil To Help Power Fleet Of Vehicles In Bahamas.”
Okay, so that’s kinda wordy, as headlines go, and not particularly gripping on the face of it. But the article itself was downright fascinating. But according to the article, since 2011, DCL “has donated more than 60,000 gallons of used cooking oil to Bahamas Waste Management to help power their fleet of vehicles.”
Most of us have attended those talks, usually hosted by a cruise director or hotel director, in which they hit us with those jaw dropping statistics. You know, the whole “we go through 10,000 pounds of chicken over the course of a typical 7-day cruise” talk. But we never really think about the aspect which might be less exciting, but more impactful: What happens to all the byproducts and waste?
We also hear all the time about ways that cruise lines are working to make their ships more environmentally friendly. But here’s a cool example of a line doing something to help the environment beyond the ship itself. And hey, who doesn’t like knowing that a company you love is doing something good for the environment?

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