Duct Tape on Cruises – 6 Good Reasons

a24fb80c2aPacking the right things for a cruise is key. Packing the extra things for a cruise can be critical. We now give you 6 reasons why you should always bring Duct Tape on a cruise.

1. Hem clothing.  Yeah, this one’s pretty easy to explain. If a hem on a dress, skirt or shirt falls out, duct tape comes in handy while you’re on a cruise. In addition to hemming clothes, you can also use duct tape as a lint remover.

2. Keep the towel on the deck chair. Forget overpriced boca mouth towel clips at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Use duct tape and your towel stays in place on your chair. Plus, the duct tape helps you easily identify your chair and towel in the sea of cruise line beach towels on deck.

3. Keep the hair dryer on. Don’t you just hate it when the hair dryer keeps cutting off because you’re not holding the button down long enough or hard enough? Use the duct tape to hold the button down and suddenly it’s much easier to dry your hair.

4. Close shower curtain. Cruise ship shower curtains aren’t exactly wide. They tend to gap, leaving you slightly exposed in the shower. Duct tape gives you a simple fix for that. Simply tape the shower curtain to the wall and you’re all set.

5. Tape curtains. Want your curtains all the way closed or all the way open, but they just won’t stay where you set them? Duct tape’s pretty strong, so go ahead and use it to keep the curtains just how you like them.

6. Seal up broken zipper. A broken zipper. It totally sucks when a zipper breaks and there’s nothing you can do about it. But wait, you remembered the duct tape so you’re going to be ok. This is also helpful with broken and busted suitcases. Never underestimate the power of duct tape to fix these issues.

So are there any other uses for duct tape on a cruise ship? We’d love to hear your suggestions too!

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