Dutch journalists document Costa Concordia cruise salvage

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Costa Concordia as of this morning. (photo: the last salute webcam)

Every since Costa Concordia sunk of the Tuscan Coast this past January, residents of the island of Giglio and around the world have been wondering when the salvage operation would begin. This past Friday Costa Cruises announced they’ll be teaming up with salvage companies Titan/Micoperi to float and remove the ship that sits only 30’ off the island.

The Dutch Association of Journalists will document the salvage operation and floating of Costa Concordia in a unique way, through cameras positioned just feet away from the sunken ship.

Those interested can watch the salvage operation through the cameras during daylight hours, it’s currently active and refreshed every five-minutes.

You can view the cameras here.

The footage gathered from these cameras in the form of time lapse recordings will form the base the documentary ‘The Last Salute’ (working title). These recordings will be edited to form a flowing and dynamic documentary of the salvaging of  Costa Concordia.

Time-lapse documentaries isn’t a first for the journalists, they produced  the building of ‘Noord-Zuid lijn’ in Amsterdam, the multi-billion dollar construction project in which a new subway line is created right through the medieval city center of Amsterdam.

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