Entertainment On a Cruise Ship

I get asked all the time ….. What’s the entertainment like on a cruise ship?  That in itself is a HUGE question. One thing cruise ships are known for is entertainment. Keep in mind that the entertainment on boat is FREE.


Vegas Shows: These shows are comprised of professional dancers and actors versed in different musical genres and performances.  You will typically find one to three of these shows on a typical cruise depending on length. These shows usually last for about 45 minutes to an hour.  The shows are generally right before or after your dinner. 

Piano Bar: The piano bar is usually in a little cozy corner with a professional piano player. The piano man plays everything from modern day Kenny Chesney to Elton John.  Typically the piano bar is open every night of the cruise and closes about 1 am. The piano players a very tip driven so make sure you have your dollar bills!

Karaoke: This is fun and can be embarrassing at the same time, your on a cruise so who cares right?  The concept is really basic, the dj plays a song without the vocals and you butcher it. *laugh*  This isn’t a every night event and just usually happens when the ship is not in port. 

Live Band: The live band usually plays every night in a different area of the ship and knows  a lot of different tunes from country to classic rock.  The band is your normal set up, usually four or five piece instruments.  The bands do take request and its customary to tip the band when you make a requests.  

Solo Musician: You will find the solo act usually in the atrium or in one of the hallways leading to the dining room or different common areas of the cruise ship.  These acts are usually playing before dinner or after dinner.  They usually don’t take requests but it never hurts to ask. Cash is king!

Caribbean Band: Pardon the not so official name but this is the band that plays outside for your sail away parties, midnight buffets, and dance parties on the deck.  You will typically find steel drums and a keyboard in this band… oh yeah, a lot of Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley too!

This just scratches the surface of entertainment on board the cruise ship but for first time cruisers it will be a big help and maybe smash some of the misconceptions you have.

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