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Episode: Raising Costa Concordia 2013 + Cruise News



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[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”Raising Costa Concordia” artist=”Cruise Radio” ]20 months later, the 125,000-ton Costa Concordia was raised from the ocean floor and sitting right side up off the Tuscan Coast. Adam Coulter, Senior Editor for Cruise Critic UK joins us on the phone from Giglio, Italy to give us the latest on the process. Hear what it was like when as they were raising the laid over ship off the ocean floor.

Stewart Chiron, The Cruise Guy® stops by with Cruise News:

  • Carnival’s new low price guarantee
  • Norwegian Getaway’s ice bar
  • TX-based Shore Excursion company closed down
  • Costa Concordia
  • Disney Magic in drydock


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