Episode: Grand Celebration 2015 Review + Cruise News

Grand Celebration

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[smart_track_player url=”https://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/d/e/7/de7d3591c50e4148/EPI317JUL2315_AU.mp3?c_id=9467528&expiration=1437685007&hwt=d4a44c2a983af5c4f2a782c00bd9571d” title=”Grand Celebration Review + Cruise News” artist=”Cruise Radio” social=”false” ]We get a review from listener Tommy about a cruise line out of West Palm Beach, Florida called Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. The interesting thing about this cruise line is that the ship used to belong to Carnival Cruise Line as Carnival Celebration. It was finally sold off after being transferred a couple times within the Carnival Corporation.

Stewart Chiron, The Cruise Guy has cruise news:

  • Freedom of the Seas experiences engine fire
  • Norwegian Cruise Line raises gratuities, again
  • MSC Cruises launches revamps loyalty program
  • Crystal Cruises launches new ships, river boats, yachts, and an airline

Listener Question:

What is the best way to handle a cruise price drop?

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