Eurodam Review: Canada/New England cruise, Weather Delay

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This morning I woke up to some serious rocking and rolling. I thought it was just my imagination until I rolled out of my bed, stepped onto the ground and face planted right in front of the bathroom floor! This Canadian weather had the ship on a thrill ride, but a fun one (minus the face plant). 

IMG 3097

About 30-minutes later the captain came on and said we were skipping Prince Edward Island and heading straight to Saguenay, Quebec. He said we had wind gusts of 55 mph blowing across the ship. With wind that strong it makes the ship like a big sailboat. So we were doing a u-turn and heading out back out into open waters.

I am sure the crew was shuffling to figure out what they were going to do with 3,000 people on the fly. They actually did a lot of cool activities. A lot of cooking demonstrations, a galley tour, trivia was standing room only in the crow’s nest and the technology department added some extra classes. 

It was a pretty chill day for me as I was just editing a lot of the shows I have coming up and reading in the crow’s nest on deck 11. Deck 11 is very cool because it gives you a panoramic view of the whole ship, from the highest point of the ship.

I’ve been a big fan of the deli onboard the Eurodam. They will make you anything you want to eat.

IMG 3115


Dinner was Le Cirque tonight. Which is a menu taken out of the Manhattan-based Cirque restaurant. It is set up in the Pinnacle Grill and transformed with different decor and plates. Basically transforming the Pinnacle Grill. 

The plates for Le Cirque are very Dr. Seuss like, in fact, for a second I thought we were going to eat green eggs and ham for dinner. 

Here’s what the menu looked like:


  • Lobster Salad (pictured)
  • Caviar, smoked salmon and foie gras
  • Caesar salad 
IMG 6424


  • Butternut Squash with huckleberries 
  • Chilled yogurt and melon 

IMG 6421

Main Course 

  • Seared Alaskan Baked Cod 
  • Rack of Lamb 
  • Chateubriand 
  • Three cheese ravioli 
  • Chicken under a brick 


  • Creme Brûlée Le Cirque 
  • Choclate Souffle 
  • Fresh berries 
  • Sorbet 

Overall it was a great experience and for $39 per person it is definitely worth the price. If you were dining in the New York City venue you’d be paying a lot more than $39.

Tomorrow is another day at sea. Two sea days in a row, I would say that’s where I reach my saturation point, but it will gear me up for my transatlantic crossing where I’ll have six sea days!

Til then.. 

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