Excursion: Jamaica Swamp Safari Village

The American Alligator.

If you find yourself in the Port of Ocho Rios, Falmouth, or Montego Bay, you will want to consider Jamaica Swamp Safari Village. Located five-minutes from the port of Falmouth and about 45-minutes from Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, this full feature 100-acre zoo has animals of every kind, all while enclosed in a natural mangrove habitat.

You start the tour going through a big gate where over it says “Trespassers Will Be Eaten” (You’ll see why half-way through the tour). Your first stop is an enclosed area with many birds both indigenous to Jamaica and from all over the word. There are about 200 different birds in this large walk-through area.

From the bird area you walk through to see different types of snakes and reptiles like the 18’ Green Anaconda. Walk through an area of wild boars, agouti, tayra, spotted paca, grey fox, and raccoon’s. The alligator and the endangered 13’ American crocodile exhibit will drop your jaw when you see them jump out of the water and chase a piece of red meat.

Along the tour you can hold and take pictures with a baby alligator and snakes. I was a little too nervous to do that (yet a little kid was doing it and loved it).

Pepe the white faced monkey.

‘Pepe’ the white-faced Capuchin Monkey was rescued from illegal traders and loves his new home, entertaining people when they walk by the cage. When we were walking by the monkey was running back and forth, showing off.

The tour concludes at the famous Bond Island and Kananga House where a scene from 1973 James Bond, ‘Live and Let Die,’ was shot on location. They will show you outtakes from the movie and you’ll see how real the famous croc-jumping was and how they actually bit through his shoe in one of the takes. The tour ends up in a gift shop where you can purchase the Bond movie, animal books, and souvenirs.

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Hours: 9am-4pm

Admission: $25 Adult $13 Children

Website: www.jamaicaswampsafari.com


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