Fathom Begins New Cuba Programming

The social impact cruise line Fathom has announced additional onboard activities for guests sailing to Cuba.  In addition, the cruise line has also partnered with a local design store, Clandestina, for authentic Cuban-made merchandise in the onboard shop.

Fathom’s new onboard programming for Cuba sailings includes:

Getting to Know Cuba / Intro to Havana

This program provides essential information for the week ahead to ensure travelers get the most from their time in Cuba, as well as an extensive overview of Havana.

Getting to Know Cienfuegos

Known as The Pearl of the South, Cienfuegos is famous for its remarkable beauty, intertwined with its French roots.  Travelers learn the history of the port that includes sites like Parque Marti and the Cantores de Cienfuegos.

Getting to Know Santiago de Cuba

Once the Spanish capital of Cuba, Santiago de Cuba is rich in history.  Guests learn about its culture and people, and discover why the land of “Ron, Son, and Revolución” has birthed many unique genres of music and ideologies.

Pre-1950’s Cuban History

The country’s pre-revolutionary history tells of Spanish colonialism, Caribbean resources, pirates, and the pride of the people.  During this program, guests get a closer look at the development of Cuba’s culture, and why many fall in love with the spirit of the local people.

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Havana Architecture Bingo

Havana is undoubtedly an architectural playground, featuring styles from Baroque mansions to contemporary offices and more.  Travelers learn about the city’s unique buildings and styles during an interactive game of bingo.

Cuban Coffee Games

Coffee plays a huge part in Cuban culture, as its most important export.  Guests learn how coffee got to the island, and why coffee from the Sierra Maestra is considered the finest in the world.

Havana / Cienfuegos / Santiago de Cuba Bands

The influence of music and art on Cuban culture can be seen and heard on almost every block.  Cuban bands join the sailing during the ship’s time between ports, adding their sound to the onboard entertainment.  They’ll be playing classic and contemporary hits, as well as original compositions for guests’ listening pleasure.

Shop Handcrafted Products

Fathom has partnered with a Cuban design store in Old Havana, Clandestina.  The shipboard store will feature their local merchandise, including toys, handbags, posters, and other design products.  It is the first store outside of Cuba to sell Clandestina products.

Founded by Cuban creatives, the design brand is well-known for their signature Vintrashe Collection, which features toys made from recycled plastic and decorated by hand, as well as t-shirts and handbags designed by local artists and made with up-cycle techniques and second-hand fabrics.  “Each time Fathom travelers purchase our products, they support independent entrepreneurship.  They are taking home a unique design product that is ‘authentically Cuban,'” said Idania del Rio, co-founder and owner of Clandestina.

Prices for voyages to Cuba start at $1,899 per person, and will vary by season.

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