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Fathom has shared details on the regional cuisine aboard their ship, and unveiled more about their variety of onboard activities.


Award-winning chef and Dominican Republic culinary expert Chef Emil Vega bring a lifelong passion of food to Fathom.  He’s earned a global reputation as a food innovator who brings a modern twist to traditional Dominican Republic fare.  Guests aboard the Adonia enjoy a wide range of Dominican and Cuban inspired food and culture, further immersing them in their destinations.

Fathom’s specialty restaurant concept is called Ocean Grill, and some sample dishes there include:


  • Grilled Seafood Salpicón – Grilled octopus, calamari and shrimp served cold with Caribbean mojito vinaigrette and crispy yaniqueque
  • Cuban Ropa Vieja – Deep-friend plantain basket filled with Cuban-style shredded beef served with a spicy red pepper jam
  • Mofongo and Aguají – Traditional mash of roasted pork belly, green plantain, and garlic served with spicy mayonnaise


  • Pescado con Coco (Fish Criollo and Coconut) – Fillet of fresh red snapper in an authentic island coconut sauce, served with clams, shrimp, and yucca fritters
  • Vegetarian Pastelón – Layers of ripe plantain, queso fresco and sautéed spinach served with roasted vegetables and spinach sauce
  • Bistec Encebollado – Seasoned beef filet with caramelized onions, yucca fritters, sweet plantain, and chimichurri salsa


  • Dulce de Leche Cortada – Dominican sweet caramel milk curds with vanilla and salted caramel ice cream and yucca dumplings
  • Guava n’ Cheese – Guava paste with queso fresco and roasted gustoso pepper syrup
  • Majorete Crème Brûlée – Classic Cuban sweetcorn custard served with corn caramel and cinnamon, caramelized popcorn, and sweet potato biscuit

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Onboard Programming

Guests onboard the Adonia can shop for artisan crafts, hand-crafted jewelry, sustainably produced attire, and eco-friendly beauty products.  In addition to shopping, there’s also dance and cocktail classes and impact workshops.

Fathom’s core programming is fun, educational sessions with Impact Guides.  The guides introduce guests to the Fathom experience and share info and guidance with them throughout the week.

Curiosity Advantage and Design Your Life – two workshops created by design firm Curiosity Atlas that prepare guests for their on-ground experiences.  Curiosity Advantage increases cognitive flexibility to help travelers take on challenges.  The workshop provides guests with a ‘Curiosity Quest’ to utilize during their experiences in the destination.  Design Your Life sessions applies the principles of design thinking to guests’ lives and helps them discover areas they are passionate about making an impact in.

Fathom also teamed up with a network of social entrepreneurs called Ashoka to create three workshops enabling travelers to practice change making and discover their potential to make an impact.  In each workshop, guests walk away having committed to at least one change making act.

Other onboard programs include morning mediations, a kick-off event with live music, and Lifehack Bootcamp that provides tools for getting more done in less time and using the extra time to make an impact in the world.  Other programming includes:

  • Dominican Republic Orientation – guests will learn about life in the DR so they can know what to expect during their time in the country.
  • Story of Impact – this activity helps travelers create their story as a specific ‘before and after’ transformation based on their time in the destination.  Interactive exercises practice story creation methods so guests leave their week with confidence to share their stories.
  • Guided Relaxation – also referred to as Yoga Nidra, this activity gives travelers time to rest, relax, and clear their mind following the day’s events and activities.
  • Fathom You and Beyond – this final session provides moments of reflection, ways to engage in next steps, and resources for further impact.

In addition to the core programming, travelers can also participate in things such as a photography class, book club, karaoke, giant outdoor game night, board game night, mojito and flan movie night, domino throw-down, and a wine and paint class, among others.

Prices for the Dominican Republic voyages during their inaugural year begins at $499 per person, and will vary by season.

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