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Fathom has partnered with the largest network of social entrepreneurs in the world – Ashoka, to develop onboard programming for the cruise line.  In addition to conducting training for Fathom Impact Guides, staff and entrepreneurs from Ashoka will be onboard periodically to observe and assist Impact Guides to run sessions and practice changemaking in their day to day life, so they in turn can enable travelers to do the same.

Ashoka’s vision is to equip everyone to be a changemaker in the world, where skills like empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving are available to everyone, and solutions outpace social problems.  The network has almost 3,200 Ashoka Fellows, who are leading social entrepreneurs developing solutions to social problems, in 90 countries.

Ashoka Programming for Fathom

  • Change Making Acts – Travelers will be able to participate in one-hour hands-on workshops where they’ll understand what it means to make a difference in the world.  Activities will include family scavenger hunts with a change making theme and fun problem solving around social issues.  They’ll walk away from the workshop having committed at least one change making act.
  • Changemaker Workshops – Guests will be able to participate in three team exercises during these two-hour sessions.  They’ll learn how to make a positive impact on their own lives, during their experiences on the ground, and within their communities.
  • Parenting Changemakers – Parents and anyone with a child in their life will benefit from this course.  They will be able to explore ways to help their children gain skills they need for the future and equip them for the real world.  Parenting changemakers focus on practical strategies to instill the skills of empathy, problem solving, leadership, and teamwork in young people.

Prices for Dominican Republic voyages start at $499 per person, and will vary by season.  Prices for Cuba start at $1,800 per person, also varying by season.

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