Fathom Reveals Onboard Experience Details

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Carnival Corporation’s newest brand, Fathom, has unveiled details about what life will be like aboard the ship during its unique voyages.

Fathom guests will sail aboard the 704-passenger Adonia. In March 2016, she’ll be outfitted for these unique social impact cruises with her new cruise line, and will provide travelers with a safe, comfortable environment both for relaxing as well as preparing for the work to be done on land in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  The ship will feature a spa, a games deck, a pool overlooked by a sun deck, a fitness center, a full sized library, regionally inspired foods, and Caribbean themed musical performances.

While onboard, travelers will take part in special programming designed to aid them in their time serving local communities while they’re on land.  It will include cultural and geographical immersions into the DR and Cuba, as well as conversational Spanish lessons, and interactive social impact workshops.

Fathom will also feature entertainment and other onboard experiences including:

Food & Beverage

Adonia‘s specialty restaurant, The Ocean Grill, will serve modern but authentic Dominican and Cuban foods.  It will be open for lunch and dinner.  Travelers will also be able to hang out in the ship’s wine bar, The Glass House.


Each cruise begins with one or two sea days where travelers can get settled in and take advantage of the amenities and workshops on board the ship.  Onboard activities will prepare them for their time in each country, including getting them ready for the cultural experiences and impact work.  Travelers to the DR will also learn about a number of activities, landmarks, and experiences they can choose to do.

Conversational Spanish lessons will allow travelers to communicate more easily with local citizens, and core impact classes will teach how to work alongside and engage with locals for the best experience for the citizens, as well as the travelers.  Fathom trips will include access to keynote speakers series and educational sessions about each country’s history and geography so travelers can become better familiarized with them.


Travelers are invited to take part in onboard film festivals featuring films from the Dominican Republic as well as Cuba.  They will experience an emotional journey into stories from the beautiful Caribbean islands.  Fathom’s film series will also give viewers an inspiring point of view on social entrepreneurship and change makers that reflect everyday life in Cuba and the DR, helping guests get a clear picture of how they can best help in these countries.


In port as well as onboard, guests can enjoy the Caribbean rhythms and beats native to the Dominican Republic and Cuba.  Fathom will bring some of the best performers onboard, and local Dominican musicians will welcome travelers in Amber Cove – Carnival’s newest Caribbean port.  Guests can also learn how to move and groove during onboard dance classes featuring merengue, the national dance of the DR, and the salsa, the national dance of Cuba.


Aboard the Adonia, Fathom travelers will be able to browse and buy beautiful, unique, and authentic goods from purpose-driven businesses that empower local entrepreneurs around the world.


Fathom’s full-service spa, Embody, will provide a variety of treatments for travelers who want to relax and recharge after spending action-filled days on shore.


Prices for the seven-day trips to the Dominican Republic start at $974 per person, not including taxes, fees, and port expenses.  Prices will vary by season.

Prices for the seven-day trips to Cuba start at $1,800 per person, not including Cuban visas, taxes, fees, and other port expenses.  Prices will vary by season.

For more information, visit fathom.org.

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