Fathom Unveils 4 New Social Impact Activities

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Carnival Corporation’s 10th and newest brand, Fathom, has announced four more social impact activities for their cruises to the Dominican Republic.  These new additions will focus on the environment, special needs, and education.

One unique thing about Fathom is that travelers with the cruise line will have the opportunity to create their own itineraries based on what type of activities they’d like to do – both in purpose and play time.  There will be opportunities to relax or explore the island’s many assets, and there will be opportunities to really make a difference in the lives of the Dominican people.

The new social impact activities announced are:

  • Home Improvement – 40% of the island country’s population lives below the poverty line, and the average household income is under $6,000.  It’s not unusual for families to live in homes with dirt floors, so one activity will be helping to pour concrete floors for residents’ houses.  Other household helps will include painting, fixing broken furniture, planting fruit trees, and cleaning up common community areas.  Travelers will be working alongside the homeowners themselves as well as other members of the community.
  • Special Needs Rehabilitation – A large amount of disabled citizens aren’t able to access the therapy they need.  Fathom travelers will be able to help by working with special needs patients and a rehabilitation and physical therapy center nearby.  They will be able to take part in game therapy for kids with autism, support lab personnel, and make and fit orthopedic devices and prostheses.
  • Arts & Crafts Production – In addition to working with the members of the women’s cooperative to cultivate cacao plants for organic chocolates, travelers will be able to work on craft production with another group of women who have created an association to make eco-friendly crafts made of locally recycled paper.  Activities will include helping with the paper recycling process and creating arts and crafts for the cooperative to sell.  People who enjoy the business side of things will be able to help find ways to expand their distribution network, help with the process of taking products to the market, and more.
  • Host Family Experience – Dominican families will welcome travelers into their home and be able to experience what life is like in the country.  They will connect one-on-one and share about daily life.  During the visit, Fathom travelers will help the family with their English language skills, while also discussing ideas for utilizing local assets for tourist income and ideas for potential microbusinesses that could expand earning potential for the families.

Prices for seven-day cruises to the Dominican Republic start at $974 per person, excluding taxes, fees, and port expenses.  Prices will vary by season.

Prices for seven-day cruises to Cuba start at $1,800 per person, excluding Cuban visas, taxes, fees, and port expenses.  Prices will vary by season.

For more information, visit fathom.org.

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