Five Ways to Prevent Seasickness

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ways to prevent seasickness Seasickness. Just the word sounds yuck – and if it strikes you during a sailing it’s even worse. While there isn’t a way to 100-percent trick your body out of seasickness there are ways around it.

Here are Five Ways to Prevent Seasickness:

1. Cabin location. It all starts before you even get on the ship. It starts when booking your cruise. Think of a cruise ship like a skyscraper. The higher up you are the more the building is going to sway when it’s windy. The lower or more towards the center of gravity you are, the better. So book a cabin in a lower berth. The more central the cabin is located, the better.

2. OTC Pills. There are many over the counter pills out there for purchase like Bonine and Dramamine, and most cruise lines have them at the guest relations desk for your convenience. Seasick pills can be known to cause drowsiness. You don’t want to spend your whole cruise sleeping, but if the weather is too rough, it beats the alternative. Most people will tell you to take one in the morning before you board and one at night.

3. Motion Wristband.  Another idea if you think you’ll get seasick is to invest in the motion wristbands, most are under $13. These wristbands exert gentle pressure on points of your wrist which in turn eliminate getting sick.  They say the wristbands are clinically tested but check the reviews before purchasing one.

4. Get the Patch. You will sometimes see people on your cruise with patches behind their ears, that’s the scopolamine patch. According to,Scopolamine patch is an anticholinergic agent. It works by blocking transmission of impulses at nerve sites in the gastrointestinal tract and the vomiting center.” Basically it stops you from getting motion sickness, although for this one you’ll need a prescription.

5. Eat the Right Food.  You will get a different answer depending on who you ask but there are a couple of eating tricks to help with  seasickness. Avoid overly greasy foods that just sit in your stomach, especially during the day. If seasickness comes on, try drinking room temperature ginger ale, crackers or a green apple – something neutral to help your stomach. Ginger is known to help seasickness and you can buy over the counter ginger pills. Also, not going overboard on the alcohol is probably a smart idea.

Cruise ships these days have stabilizers that are extended in windy and rough conditions. These stabilizers help keep the ship more towards the center of gravity and prevent pitching or rolling. Ships are also prepared for rough weather.

So, the next time you see motion discomfort bags around the ship you’ll know there are ways to prevent seasickness.

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