Getting booze aboard…

This is kind of a touchy subject and there are a lot of naysayers out there when it comes to the subject but yes, you can get booze on the ship, just be creative… and should I dare say don’t get caught!

The past 10 or so cruises I have brought a lot of booze and to be honest I barely touched it… once your partying on the top deck or in a club, its too much of a hassle to keep walking down to your room and filling your drink up.

Now, I have always brought a couple bottles of wine on the ship with me and have never ran into a problem. Now trying to bring an iron on board, that’s a different story!

Use your imagination and don’t be stupid. Once you get too confident you get sloppy and it will cost you twice as much! Oh yah, and for pete’s sake.. use a plastic bottle. No one wants their clothes smelling like crown royal when the crew member throws your luggage around and the bottle breaks.

Good luck and enjoy your inexpensive vacation.. haha

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