How to Eat Smart While Cruising

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This is Meghann’s second part of her healthy cruising segment. Meghann will be part of Cruise Radio when we do our “Staying healthy at sea” show.  Meanwhile, you can check out her blog here.

While staying active is a key part, you also can’t expect to indulge in every single meal and not have to loosen your belt a notch as you walk off the ship. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m a full believer you can eat your carrots and have you cake too, but 2 or 3 pieces of cake may be over the top. 😉

Here are some tips I found for eating healthy on the ship.

1. Eat your meals in the dining room when possible.

The biggest pitfall people run into on cruises are the unlimited buffets. The best bet is to avoid them whenever possible to keep yourself from piling it on your plate. Though the dining room options offer three or four courses, they also offer portion control.

2. Eat dessert.

Yes, I said eat dessert! And enjoy it! Just make sure its only one dessert and not the entire dessert menu. If you deny yourself dessert, it is more than likely you are going to regret it and eat twice as much dessert after you’re done feeling sorry for yourself for not having it in the first place. This is the part when I say you’re on vacation and to live a little.

3. Stay away from frozen drinks.

On cruise ships I allow myself one fun tropical frozen drink, but that’s it. Otherwise, it’s wine or beer for this girl. Where most cruise goers go wrong is the 1000+ calorie tropical drinks at every turn. I suggest enjoying one, but stopping there. Instead, go for a favorite low calorie drink such as a Soda Water, Vodka, or Sour Mix with touch of Cranberry. Or, there is nothing better than a light beer poolside.

4. Pay attention to the spa menu.

Each cruise line offers their own brand of ‘spa menu’ which usually coincides with their regular dining menu. The spa menu typically offers lighter or sugar free options that tend to be more figure friendly then the other menu options. I tend to study the spa menu first then check out the other menu options to see if there is anything I really am craving. I don’t always order from the spa menu, but it’s good to have the option in front of me.

Remember cruises are time to enjoy yourself. With a little practice of strong will and moderation eating well on a cruise should be no problem.

 Happy Cruising!

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