Holland America Donates 618 Blankets on World Cruise

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Holland America’s 2023 Grand World Voyage aboard Zuiderdam concluded today at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, 128 days after it departed from the same port on January 3rd.

This was the first world cruise Holland America has operated since 2020, and the 59th since its first world cruise departed aboard Statendam on January 7, 1958.

During Zuiderdam‘s journey around the world, she visited 57 ports in 30 countries and cruised 35,651 nautical miles (39,875 land miles).

holland america zuiderdam
(Photo courtesy of Holland America Line)

Fundraising and Knitting For a Cause

Zuiderdam guests raised $10,000 for the Bernhard Nordkamp Centre in Namibia, which was presented to the organization during the ship’s call at Walvis Bay. the center services around 150 kids in first through seventh grade who come in after school to receive support, food, additional education, and social interaction.

And continuing a tradition that began over a decade ago on the Grand World Voyage, guests made 618 blankets for Project Linus throughout the sailing. Nearly 75 “blanketeers” and 20 non-knitting volunteers participated in the endeavor this year. With yarn brought on by guests, donated prior to departure and funds given by Holland America Line, passengers of all knitting and crocheting abilities made blankets for kids in the United States who are ill, traumatized, or are otherwise in need.

zuiderdam holland america blankets project linus
(Photos courtesy of Holland America Line)

Organized this year by guests Gail and Marty Gottlieb, the couple drove a U-Haul truck to Port Everglades for the start of the Grand World Voyage with one million yards of yarn in over 40 different colors, along with hooks, needles, and ball winders. The blankets will be picked up by the local South Florida chapter of Project Linus at the port.

project linus holland america zuierdam
(Photo courtesy of Holland America Line)

For information and photos of the blankets that world cruise guests made for Project Linus back in 2019, click here.

Themed Events

During the cruise, guests dressed to the nines for events including a Grand Masquerade, Derby Night, Casino Royale, Mardi Gras Night of Music, and “Once Upon a Time.”

Over a dozen casual, themed evenings around the main pool included a glamp out, Burgers and Beer, Grand Fair, a surprise party with the ship’s team members, Biergarten Festival, “Let Them Eat Cake,” and “An Evening in France.”

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Highlights and Fun Facts

  • Zuiderdam visited imaginary Null Island (0°N/S & 0°E/W) where the equator crosses the Prime Meridian and visitors become an Emerald Shellback, the rarest shellback (a sailor who has crossed the equator) designation.
  • On April 18, Holland America president Gus Antorcha visited the ship in Amsterdam during an overnight call to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary.
  • Guests indulged in 31,248 bottles of wine and champagne.
  • 200,606 pounds of fresh vegetables and 173,903 pounds of fresh fruit were consumed.
  • 40,905 fresh eggs were scrambled, poached, and used as an ingredient.
  • Guests drank 133,293 soft drinks.
  • The ship served nearly 200,000 pounds of meat (beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veal).
  • Guests enjoyed 56,306 pounds of seafood.
  • 7,793 tea bags were used, as well as 3,277 bags of coffee.
  • Over $200,000 in foreign currencies were exchanged.
zuiderdam in amsterdam holland america
Zuiderdam in Amsterdam (Photo courtesy of Holland America)

Future Holland America Grand Voyages:

  • 2023 Grand South American and Antarctic Voyage — 73 days. Departs October 7, 2023 roundtrip from Port Everglades on Zaandam
  • 2023 Grand Africa Voyage — 73 days. Departs October 10, 2023 roundtrip from Port Everglades on Zuiderdam
  • 2024 Grand World Voyage — 128 days. Departs January 3, 2024 roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale on Zuiderdam
  • 2024 Grand Australia and New Zealand Voyage — 94 days. Departs January 3, 2024 roundtrip from San Diego on Volendam
  • 2025 Grand World Voyage — 124 days. Departs January 4, 2025 roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale on Zuiderdam
  • 2025 Grand Voyage: Pole to Pole — 133 days. Departs January 25, 2025 roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale on Volendam

Bookings for the 2025 Pole to Pole and Grand World Voyage officially open on May 24, 2023. Those interested in making a deposited Future Cruise Request to get priority booking confirmation prior to May 24th can call Holland America’s World Cruise Reservations Desk or their travel advisor.

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