Holland America ms Zuiderdam: Last day at sea + Chef’s Dinner

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A room with a view in the Main Dining Room.

Our last day before the cruise ends. Sigh. So this morning really did started out with interviews and I wasn’t mistaken this time. First interview was the executive chef where we got to go into the galley and check out all the kitchen operations. So, I didn’t know that the food was made to order. I kind of figured during breakfast the kitchen area looked like a lido buffet, boy was I wrong. Every egg, piece of bacon, toast, and omelet was made to-order.

After the interviews wrapped up we did our lunch in the main dining room. The view was awesome this time as we were sat in the very back against the big windows that overlooked the aft end of the ship (photo right). As we were eating a Carnival ship passed us off our port side by a couple of miles. It’s kind of hard to miss the big whale tail.

There was a disembarkation talk in the Vista Theater hosted by the Cruise Director Dave Shea, telling us what to do in the morning when we get to Miami. We have the brown luggage tag. Even though I am going to do self-assist disembarkation, I’m going to get off with the general crowd because I’m spending the night in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow and I’m sure I won’t be able to check in super early. The talk was very informative and gave a good play-by-play. They actually had a music video to the song 500 miles by The Proclaimers. It was pretty catchy and very clever the way it was put together encompassing all the staff from the laundry room to the captain. Very clever and it showed how they care for their staff.

Craig went to the Indonesian Tea Ceremony this afternoon. It was basically just hat and held in the main dining room. I went down there to check it out and came across the menu for tonight’s dinner. It was the Master Chef’s Dinner (pictured below). The menu had lobster bisque and lamb on it – that’s all I needed. I was ready. So this cruise we had anytime dining but with tonight’s dinner there was only two seating’s.

The 84th Annual Academy awards were on tonight and the cruise staff put on a big event in The Queen’s Lounge. They had a red carpet going in the lounge, all kinds of hot foods, and drink specials for the event. It was packed out!

Master Chef dinner menu aboard ms Zuiderdam.

The Master Chef’s Dinner was awesome. The staff came out doing a cute song and dance a couple of times. The first two courses on the menu were pre-planned and then we got to pick what we wanted next. They sat us in the back of the dining room against the big windows again.

They had a “Rock it Til We Dock it” party tonight but I’m thinking because everyone had flights and early departures they just went to bed early and no one wanted to rock it. I don’t blame them, I didn’t either. I got back the room about 11:30, started packing and now here we are. We are supposed to take on the river pilot tomorrow morning at 6am at the mouth of the Fort Lauderdale inlet. This means that for the first time in 10-days I’ll finally have my AT&T 3G service back. Hello world!

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