Holland America’s ms Zuiderdam: Lunch in Pinnacle Grill + Video

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Lobster served in Pinnacle Grill for lunch. I woke up this morning thinking I had to get to some interviews and was completely wrong. Turns out my other interviews are tomorrow and not today. Talk about jumping the gun. Since we had the morning free we went to explore the ship and tried to make reservations in the Pinnacle Grill for lunch, we got shot down and were put on a wait list. Remember earlier when I said to book early for the Pinnacle Grill? I should’ve listened to my own advice.

Turns out we were able to get in for lunch after all, they had a last minute cancelation. Lunch in the Pinnacle Grill is a 10 (and also $10) and totally worth it! The menu had a wide selection of entrees on it like: Pacific Beef Salad, Halibut sandwich, Crab and lobster cakes, Apple smoked bacon burger, Steak with blue cheese, and a Pasta dish. I did the Crab and lobster cakes, the portions weren’t huge but it suit me well for lunch. For an appetizer they had an awesome Lobster Crème Brule (pictured).

The Queens lounge had the Pinnacle Grill chef teaching the secrets of curry. I’ve really enjoyed the cooking classes this sailing. The kitchen is pretty cool. It’s a one-million dollar floating kitchen at sea with all the bells and whistles. My favorite part is after the chef prepares the dish, there’s enough for everyone to try at least a sample. See video below.

The aft pool was hopping today with games, pool side trivia, name that tune, steel drums, and lots of people lying out. The weather was pretty nice today so a lot of folks were taking advantage of the last couple days of sun.

For dinner tonight we ate in the main dining room. Great service and sat with a nice couple from New Orleans.  Steak and lobster was on the menu for me. I asked the server to put one on standby and he did. It was so good. The chef told me they went through 800-lbs of lobster tonight. Now that’s a lot of lobster!

So they have this lounge on the ship called Explorer’s Lounge where a four piece string band plays. This was one of the venues I haven’t been in yet so I sat and listened to The Adagio Strings play. They were good and the crowd was good but not really my thing. So here I am typing this at midnight about to crash and getting ready for my interviews tomorrow morning.

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Video of Queen’s Lounge:

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