Houston We Have a Problem

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Houston, we have a problem is being heard again, but this time by the Bayport Cruise Terminal.

Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises recently announced they are pulling out of Houston to pursue other options.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Norwegian Cruise Line isn’t sailing from the port beyond 2017 and Princess Cruises hasn’t announced intentions beyond the 2015-16 cruise year.

Nowegian Jade, which has been sailing from the Port of Houston for less than a year, is moving to Tampa.  The Caribbean Princess has been in Houston for under two years, and after this winter will move to Fort Lauderdale for Caribbean cruises.

Princess Cruises started in Houston in 2013-2014 with a 27 cruise season.  Norwegian started there with an agreement totaling 75 calls over 5 years with an option to extent the contract 2 more years. The city of Houston also gave Norwegian $2 million if it would extend its contract to the 2017-2018 season.  Within that deal, the ships also were to receive free use of the port.

Prior to these contracts, the Bayport Cruise Terminal was unoccupied since opening in 2008.

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