How a Cruise Ship Feeds 4,000 People

It takes a lot to keep a cruise ship operating and to keep the guests from going hungry.  There are tons and tons (literally!) of food brought aboard a cruise ship each week to keep guests fat and happy.

Here’s some interesting stats you may not have known about the sheer amounts of food eaten aboard Carnival Dream each week.

3,930 Bagels

3,930 bagels

1,875 Fresh

1,875 fresh pineapples

39,325 Danish Pastries

39,325 Danish pastries

2,540 Pounds of Coffee

2,540 pounds of coffee

73,180 Bacon Slices

73,180 bacon slices

6,534 Pizzas

6,534 pizzas

10,700 Pounds of Flour

10,700 pounds of flour

28,730 Shrimp

28,730 shrimp

10,160 Heads of Iceberg Lettuce

10,160 heads of iceberg lettuce

3,870 Steaks

3,870 steaks

2,994 Pounds of Pasta

2,994 pounds of pasta

34,360 Cans of Soft Drinks

34,360 cans of soft drinks

23,600 Potatoes

23,600 potatoes

3,660 Pounds of Prime Rib-2

3,660 pounds of prime rib

2,570 Pounds of Cake Mix-2

2,570 pounds of cake mix

What’s your favorite food when on a cruise? Let us know in the comments!

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