How Cruise Radio Helps You Plan a Cruise

Cruise Radio is your source for unbiased and substantive cruise news and reviews. Here’s how it can help you plan your next cruise.

1. Listen to the podcast for ship reviews.

Once a week; Doug Parker – founder and voice of Cruise Radio – uploads a new Cruise Radio podcast. In each podcast, Doug provides an update on the latest cruise industry news, and then interviews someone who has recently cruised to get their opinion on their voyage. Doug asks them to discuss every aspect of their cruise vacation, including:

  • Pre-cruise thoughts: Why did you choose this cruise? Was it the itinerary? Was there a sale? Was it a good time of year? Are you loyal to that cruise line?
  • Embarkation: How long did it take? Did you have any issues? Did you fly in or park at the port?
  • First impressions: What were your first impressions of the ship when you boarded? Have you sailed on this ship before? Has it changed?
  • The stateroom: What type of stateroom did you book? Was it easily accessible? Was there enough storage?
  • Ship amenities:
    • Dining experience: How was the lido buffet food? The main dining room food? Did you try out any specialty restaurants?
    • Entertainment: How was the entertainment? Did you go to any shows? Did you participate in things like trivia or bingo?
    • Sea days: How did the ship behave on sea days? Was it over-crowded, or did it flow well? Were people hogging deck chairs? What activities were offered?
  • Ports of call: What ports did you visit? What excursions, if any, did you book? What did you do before your cruise to research these ports?
  • Disembarkation: How long did it take? Did you have any issues?

By interviewing other cruisers, Doug ensures unbiased and reputable cruise opinions that you can use when deciding to book your cruise. So if you’re curious about the answers to any of these questions, just check out the podcast and find a review for a cruise line or ship that you’re interested in.

2. Listen to the podcast for expert tips.

Doug frequently interviews industry experts such as Stewart Chiron (“The Cruise Guy”) and specialists on the latest cruise industry news, sales, and topics like excursions and travel insurance. These are all essentials for helping you plan your vacation to keep you up-to-date on important travel information.

3. Check out cruise news and tips.

The podcast isn’t the only source for Cruise Radio news. Be sure to check out this site that you’re on right now for articles on cruising tips – everything from what to pack, to why you should use a travel agent, to the best ports of call. The website is a treasure trove of cruising information that is easy to navigate. You can also use the website to find the latest sales going on to ensure you get the best deal out there.

There is also a second podcast, Cruise Radio News, that gives cruise news updates in 60 seconds or less, so you can catch up on the news on-the-go if you don’t have time to check the website.

4. Follow Cruise Radio on social media.

  • In addition to the website, Doug is posting news and tips on all social media platforms daily. Be sure to follow as many as possible to get up-to-date, reliable information about everything that’s going on so you don’t miss anything! By following Doug’s social media feeds, you can get an inside look into the world of cruising through updates and pictures.

You can find all of this and more by visiting the site and subscribing to the Cruise Radio and Cruise Radio News podcasts.

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