Inspirational Cruise Line Blog Half-Way To Finish Line

3361299763 a260df8255 It’s not really a race but Princess Cruises has reached the halfway point of its year-long blog, “Inspired to Cruise,” by revealing the 26th reason to cruise submitted by the line’s passengers. This week’s contributor Gloria Walsh shares how cruising let her return to the open ocean that she missed after the death of her husband and the sale of their beloved boat.

“Cruising has given me something else. It has restored a mainstay of my life, a significant part of me, that I feared had also been taken away by tragedy,” says Walsh in this week’s installment. “And every time I board a cruise ship, I honor my life with Larry. I bring him with me in my heart.”

Since its debut in January, more than one million people have visited the blog, and thousands have commented on how the stories have inspired their own reasons to take a cruise. Found at, the blog will gradually share a total of 52 stories during 2012, each offering another compelling reason why someone chose a cruise vacation.

Inspired to Cruise follows last year’s social project by Princess Cruises, 50 Essential Experiences: The Travel Bucket List that was eventually made into a desk reference book.

“Twelve months ago we set out to create not just a list of places, but instead a collection of experiences that we hoped would inspire others,” said Jan Swartz, Princess executive vice president.  “We think the resulting list is remarkable not only for its scope of destinations, but also for the insights our authors shared about their lifelong memories.”

Reasons to Cruise

  • To Sail the Open Seas Again
  • To Celebrate with Three Generations
  • To Relax
  • To Thank My Family
  • To Conquer My Fears
  • To Honor a Family Member
  • To Renew Our Vows
  • To Keep a Promise
  • To Fulfill My Husband’s Bucket List
  • To Quit Smoking
  • To See My Wife Smile Again
  • To Travel the World with a Purpose
  • To Escape the Ice Storm
  • To Learn About Family Ancestry
  • To Revisit Vietnam
  • To Get Married…by Surprise
  • To Bridge a Generation Gap
  • To Revisit Wartime Memories
  • To Surprise a Loved One
  • To Cruise on the “Love Boat”
  • To Visit Family Far Away
  • To Dance with My Husband
  • To Get Away with Girlfriends
  • To Spoil the Grandkids
  • To Take One Last Trip Before the Kids Leave the Nest
  • To Marry Each Other…Twice

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