Money Saving Tips at Sea – Part II

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So last week Anne Campbell chatted with us about some money saving tips at sea.  Her interview was so good that we had to make it a two part series.

Money Saving Tips at Sea

Soda Cards: Before you purchase the soda cards you will want to average how many drinks you put down a day vs. the card cost.  My last cruise I drank three sodes the whole cruise so I made out better buying the sodas al la carte. On average the soda card costs about six dollars a day plus gratuities.

Keep a water bottle handy: Fill it up at the drinking stations and before you get off the ship. The ship will try to sell you bottled water getting off the ship for 4.00 a bottle.

Buy your bottled water on land:  If you don’t have a water bottle and want to get water, wait til you get off the ship.  The same bottle water goes for a buck compared to four dollars on the ship.

Check out what cruise lines has self-laundry units: Most are coin operated and are cheaper then getting the on board service.

Avoiding wrinkles: Take your clothes and put them in a dry cleaning bag, roll them, and when you unroll them BOOM, no wrinkles. I have actually tried this and it works.

Airline Transfers: Some cruise lines have affordable transfers for a nominal fee each way. If that is too much,  check on getting a cab with your friends, especially if there is more than two of you. You can get a cab and split it equally, you may wind up ahead.

Airline Tickets:  It could be cheaper if you book your flight through a low cost carrier (Southwest Airlines, AirTran, etc.)  Beware, watch your connections because you don’t want to be routed all across the US and miss your ship.

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