Money Saving Tips at Sea

So last week I got to sit down with Anne Campbell, from the blog Cruising from New York.  We started talking about all the ways to save money at sea and next thing you know we were talking for forty five minutes!  I made the choice to make our interview a two part series.

Here are the money saving tips in our first part of our series.

1. The Spa: Dont give in to the on board spa products, unless you are ready to spend some big bucks. The spas on the ship are ran by one company, Steiner. The website is actually ran by Steiner and you can get your spa products a lot cheaper on there then if you were to buy to products on the ship.

2. Shore Excursions: It pays time to spend time on the internet before you get to the islands. For instance, you can rent a car for half the price on the actual island or online then what a cruise line package has to offer you. Now on the flip side, keep in mind that if you are NOT on an excursion with the ship, the ship will leave you if your not back by departure time. If you are on a ship excursion they will hold the ship. Follow your daily program that your room steward puts in your room for the time you need to be back on the ship.

3. Casino: Limit yourself. ENOUGH SAID!!

4. Boutiques: Everyone wants a t-shirt or a cruise line logo item. Keep this in mind though, the last day of the cruise the shirts and other misc. items drop down on the ship about 50% of cost.  Earlier in the cruise a shirt was $19.99, it would be 2 or $20 on the last day. Also, remember that commodities are very expensive on the ships too. Make SURE you stock up on film, batteries, Advil, etc… it will cost you almost double on the ship than on land.

5. Internet: My last cruise I was paying .55 a minute for the internet and the connection was verrrrry slow. Every port has a cybercafe that the crew members use when they get to the port. Talk to the crew members, ask around where the cheapest internet connection is.  Avoid the ship charges. If you have to send an email on the cruise, open your word processor and type your email out first, this way when you get to the internet connection, all you have to do is connect to the internet, copy your text, and paste to the email application.

“Pick and choose where you want to spend your money before you get there.” – Anne Campbell

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