MSC Raises $4.4 Million for UNICEF

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MSC Cruises and UNICEF held a ceremony on Sunday where it was announced that under MSC’s “Get on Board for Children” initiative, fleet wide they’ve raised 4 million euros, or around $4.4 million for UNICEF.

MSC Cruises and UNICEF joined in partnership in 2009 under the “Get on Board for Children” initiative, which encourages guests aboard their ships to make a contribution toward the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the UN agency that fights for children’s rights around the world and is active in more than 190 countries.  In early 2014,  the partnership was expanded to include a new life-saving initiative to provide assistance to malnourished children by delivering Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food to treat malnourished kids and those affected by crisis situations.  To this day, around $1.4 million has gone toward this initiative.

Amongst other activities, aboard their ships, MSC organizes edutainment activities for kids and their parents to raise awareness of UNICEF’s work.  Aboard the ships there is also a UNICEF Day that includes fun games, a parade, and a UNICEF passport for the kids to get stamped each time they complete an activity.

At the end of their cruise, guests have the option to add $1 to their bill to go toward the UNICEF malnutrition program, as well as having the opportunity to buy UNICEF logo items in the onboard shops.

Increasingly, trends are showing that guests are interested in giving back while on vacation.  Last week Tourism Cares released a new study that shows more than half of Americans surveyed have given their time, money, or goods on a recent vacation.  Of the givers surveyed, 64 percent expressed high trip satisfaction in relation to their giving.

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