Murder on the high seas

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SAN DIEGO 6 NEWS– SAN DIEGO – The FBI says it’s a case of murder on the high seas. A cruise to Cabo San Lucas turns deadly for a Los Angeles County woman just days after her 55th Birthday. Her husband Robert McGill is now charged with Shirley McGill’s murder.

The 2,052-passenger Carnival Elation was on the last leg of a five-day trip to Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday when members of the ship’s crew responded to a domestic dispute in the couple’s cabin and found the body of Shirley McGill, 55, of the Los Angeles County city of Winnetka.

Investigators say her body was found in her cabin after another traveler tipped off security there could be a problem.  Travelers staying on the same floor describe what they saw.

“Nine or ten people came rushing down. Security guards, probably –a medical crew — and you just see them gloving, getting ready to go in,” says passenger Heather Bird.

Investigators say McGill’s body was found Tuesday evening, but her husband was not in the cabin at the time. Once the security guards found him he was put in the brig on board the ship.

Travelers say rumors began to spread about what happened.

“They told me some guy murdered his wife and then went to dinner like nothing ever happened,” says passenger Robert Bostic.

Investigators say around 8 o’clock on Wednesday night almost two dozen FBI agents traveled out to sea on board a Coast Guard cutter to meet up with the Elation to begin the investigation.

Investigators say it wasn’t immediately clear what caused Mrs. McGill’s death, but an autopsy is scheduled for Friday to determine what happened.

Once the Elation docked in San Diego more FBI investigators boarded the ship to collect evidence in the case and Mrs. McGill’s body was removed.

“They had a gurney — they were wheeling in a bag — a red bag,” says Bostic.

A Carnival “care team” offered help to anyone traumatized by the incident, according to the cruise line, which also stated that its staff’s “thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family.”

A former attorney for Mr. McGill says she is completely shocked by the news of his arrest for murder and surprised.

McGill is scheduled to be arraigned in Federal Court on Friday

Reported by: Lynn Stuart
Email: [email protected]
Last Update: 12:38 am

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