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Norwegian Breakaway
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Norwegian Cruise Line  today announced several new environmentally-friendly and technologically advanced innovations on its newest ship, Norwegian Breakaway, currently under construction at MEYER WERFT in Papenburg, Germany. Norwegian Breakaway will incorporate a number of emission reducing, energy saving and enhanced safety systems which will be in use when the ship is delivered on April 25, 2013.

Emission Reducing Features

  • Norwegian Breakaway is equipped with a new generation of ABB XO Azipods, that are smaller and more streamlined, which, together with a new Azipod Dynamic Optimizing system, will enhance steering and turning angles, leading to a saving in fuel and reduction in emissions. The Azipods are also equipped with a featured called an “x-tail,” which reduces fuel consumption even further.
  • Through Advanced Computional Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, the underwater hull has been optimised to provide the least resistance for the average speed of the ship’s planned itineraries, enhancing the ship’s speed/power ratio by 20 percent.
  • The ship will also increase its energy efficiency and, therefore, reduce emissions, through the use of the latest generation of silicon-based antifouling paint on the ship’s hull.
  • Features on the bridge include a trim optimisation system from Eniram that collects data over time and optimises the trim at different loading and speed conditions, while taking weather and wave elements into consideration. In addition, the NAPA voyage optimization system helps to plan the ship’s cruise in more intelligent ways, such as taking currents, engine configuration and weather into account.
  • Norwegian Breakaway has been outfitted with a new system called Pure Dry that recovers fuel oil from waste oil; thus reducing the amount of waste oil that will be disposed of ashore.
  • Heat recovery is another priority in energy savings and, on Norwegian Breakaway, it is implemented on the freshwater and diesel generators. These heat exchangers, along with waste heat exchangers from the main engines, can be used in other sources on board, such as to heat potable water.
  • Norwegian is the first cruise line to install a galley energy management system, known as GEM, from Almaco. The system will automatically turn on the ship’s ovens at scheduled times, allowing the chefs to better manage their kitchens throughout the day and further increase energy efficiency.
  • Norwegian Breakaway includes an advanced remote control system for the staterooms. This system allows for power, air conditioning and lighting to be switched off remotely when guests are not in their staterooms.
  • The majority of lighting in the public spaces of Norwegian Breakaway is LED, in order to increase the ship’s energy efficiency.

Enhanced Elements

  • The ship features an all-new mustering tracking system for both guest and crew mustering via Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).
  • A state-of-the-art water ballast treatment system supplied by Alfa Laval has been installed on Norwegian Breakaway, a first among Norwegian’s fleet.

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Source: Norwegian

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