Norwegian Breaks Social Media Record

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Norwegian Cruise Line is certainly no stranger to the power of social media.  They displayed that with the launch of their newest ship, Norwegian Escape.  During the ship’s inaugural festivities from October 22 – November 11, they broke their “social media usage at sea” record set during the 2013 inaugural events for Norwegian Breakaway.

During the Escape celebrations, cruises logged 576,896 Facebook posts, 14,150 tweets, and 11,367 Instagram posts for a total of 159 million impressions.  That’s a lot of posting and picture-taking!  The EMC advanced network of satellite connectivity allowed guests to stay connected to their social media, even onboard the ship during its inaugural voyages.  Guests were given complimentary access to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and there were a number of events linked to the social platforms.  For example, there was an Instagram scavenger hunt and a secret menu that could only be unlocked with a tweet.

The 159 million impressions from the inaugural events showed a 330% increase, compared to the impressions monitored from previous inaugural events.  Norwegian is very smart with how they plan their events and market them.  It’s obvious they achieved and probably exceeded their expectations with this one, and it shows they have a solid plan to go forward with.

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