Norwegian Staff Saves the Day for Stranded Cruiser

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People love to complain. Generally speaking, we’re far more likely to complain when something goes wrong than to acknowledge when something goes right. But every now and then, you hear a story about someone going above and beyond the call of duty… and someone else being grateful for the kindness that was done to them. That was definitely the case for Frances Guarino, who recently shared her awesome story with the folks at

She Nearly Missed The Boat!

The Staten Island resident and her two gal pals were just about to set sail for a 9-day adventure aboard the Norwegian Gem in early April, when Guarino realized that she’d mistakenly brought her expired passport as opposed to the new one she’d recently received. While her friends were urged to board the ship, Guarino found herself frustrated and, worse, assuming she would not be able to join them. What made this even worse? She was set to celebrate her 79th birthday during the trip! And that is when the men Guarino dubbed “Godsends” stepped in to save the day.

Vacation Heroes

A Norwegian Cruise Line employee identified only as Paul, who had been helping Guarino with the check-in process when she discovered the passport snafu, worked diligently – with the help of his co-worker, Pat – to help her find someone who could go to her home and retrieve the correct passport. When that effort ultimately proved fruitless, a second NCL employee, Tony, actually drove Guarino to her home on Staten Island and back… arriving back at the pier only 10 minutes before the ship was due to set sail! When they got to the pier, Guarino told the website that “Paul… was standing in the middle of the street, waiting for me.” In fact, he stayed with her through the check-in process and made sure she made it onto the ship.

“I want to thank Paul, Pat and Tony for all of their help,” Guarino said. “They did not merely make my day, they also made it possible for me to salvage my cruise vacation!”

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