Norwegian Cruise Line Cancels Controversial Cruise

A Canadian media outlet that has come under fire in recent weeks has also found itself on the losing end of a protest regarding their plans to stage a gathering on board a Norwegian Cruise Line ship sailing out of Miami in November.

Why Norwegian Cruise Line Cancelled The Cruise

norwegian cruise line

Rebel Media, a far-right media outlet formed in 2015, had planned for the Rebel Cruise to be held on board the Norwegian Getaway in mid-November. Promoted as “the most rebellious cruise in the world,” the gathering of “like-minded individuals” was to feature panel discussions and opportunities to interact with several of the website’s most provocative and controversial personalities. (Ironically, several of those whom promotional videos touted as special guests were either fired by or poached from the station only days before the cruise was nixed by Norwegian).

Upon catching wind of the group’s plans, an organization called Hope Not Hate launched a petition urging Norwegian to nix the cruise, arguing that Rebel Media “legitimizes and normalizes the same ideas as those aired in Charlottesville” and adding that they wanted “to use [this cruise] to spread [their] hateful agenda.”

Norwegian Changes Its Mind

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Photo: Norwegian Cruise Line

Originally, Norwegian indicated to Hope Not Hate that they would not be cancelling the Rebel Cruise, pointing out that “all guests who cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line are required to adhere to the Guest Conduct Policy while on board company vessels which, among other things, prohibits verbally abusive or offensive language directed towards anyone on board as well as inappropriate or abusive behavior.”

However, Rebel Media soon posted a notice on their site indicating that “Norwegian Cruise Line has told our travel agency that they are canceling our entire cruise.” NCL confirmed as much in a statement which read, “We recently became aware that one of several affinity groups that booked space on an upcoming sailing was associated with and espoused views that are inconsistent with [our company’s] core values. The company has therefore exercised its right to cancel this group’s reservation and provide a full refund.”

This actually would have been the organization’s second cruise, as they sailed aboard Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam in November of 2016.

Do you believe Norwegian made the right call in cancelling this group’s cruise?

10 Responses

  1. Absolutely not, you can’t bow to the far left. Rebel media is not a hate group they are simply anti-feminist. Which most people should be.

  2. It is there business, so long as there was no breach of contract. But that also doesn’t mean I have to do business with them in the future either.

  3. set the right choice to cancel a d anyone whom disagrees is an asshole a d just like those fucks

  4. no they shouldn’t and yes they are a hate group you dumb fucm..your an asshole just like them

  5. Was there any violence or complaints on the Holland Cruise in 2016?
    Where does it stop or where does it end? LGBT? Feminist? BLM?
    If we start with one, then all should be banned, including the ones I mentioned.
    Before some of you lunatics respond, all of the above have exhibited hate recently.
    LGBT: No Gay Conservatives allowed in their marches.
    Feminist: If your anti-abortion, you’re not one of us.
    BLM: They don’t need any explanation.

  6. How are they a hate group? What crime have they specifically perpetrated? You’re confusing them with the antifa terrorists. Now they are a violent group.

  7. So why didn’t they switch to Holland America or any Carnival-related cruise in Miami when NCL cancelled? It never occurred to you, that whatever happen on Holland America in 2016 – neither cruise lines wants to hosted them in 2017.

    And no offense, who the heck wants right-wing hypocrites like Gay Conservatives, anti-abortionist and Black Republicans in their marches or organizations. hijacking or derailing the message? That’s why LGBT, Feminist & BLM doesn’t want them or people like you – because you love condoning sheer stupidity even when it right-wing message that physically harms others. Which goes back to Holland America & NCL – ships this right-wing group booked were not fully chartered by them, which means unsuspecting passengers; some of whom are People of Color (Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, etc) would be on the ship with them. (Especially NCL from Miami – who have a lot of PoC sailing their ships that time of year) Again, it never occurred to you, that a verbal spat can turn into a physical altercation between the right-wing group and other passengers can breakout on Getaway, a megaship. (Getaway can hold about 5,000 people, Nieuw Amsterdam can only hold about 3000).

  8. Right Winged Hypocrites? Are you Kidding? You looking for a spot on comedy Central or are you just another uneducated liberal moron.
    2 of my cousins who are democrats (Poor-Souls) are gay and are extremely the hate the left’s anti-inclusions of LGBT members.
    The LGBT community has displayed the Bias in other situations as well.
    You so full of hate that my keyboard is slowing down with all your slobber falling of my screen.
    Suggestion.. Take a selfie with a gun and do us all a favor with one less hatful person in this world.

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