Packing for Your Fathom Adventure

By Amadeus

After reading 5 Things You Need to Know about Fathom, we hope you were inspired to book your own social impact cruise. When you do, here are a few tips for packing for this unique experience.

As mentioned in the “5 Things” article, this ain’t your grandma’s cruise. You’ll be doing much more than laying by the pool all day. While the ship is docked, you’ll be on shore daily, changing the world like a superhero. On the inaugural voyage, I saw people literally throwing their shoes away, after impact activities like Reforestation & Nursery and Concrete Floors in Community Homes. To better prepare you for the impact activities you may want to participate in, here’s a quick glance at how to pack for them.

Reforestation & Nursery, and Concrete Floors in Community Homes:

For both of theses impact activities, you’ll want to pack shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. During Reforestation for example, you will get dirty, and that includes muddy shoes. Very muddy shoes… and clothes. Pack the clothes/shoes you’d wear while doing yard work, and you should be fine. There’s also a fun hike up the mountain after the work is done. I’d personally recommend long pants/jeans, as the under brush can wreak havoc on your legs, but if you’re very careful, cargo shorts and socks should be fine.

Recycled Paper & Crafts Entrepreneurship, Cacao and Women’s Chocolate Cooperative, and Water Filter Production:

For all of these activities, you will be fine wearing comfortable shorts and a t-shirt, and closed-toed shoes. I wouldn’t recommend flip flops or sandals on any of the impact activities. You can pack them, but reserve them for time spent aboard the ship, or at Amber Cove.

Community English Conversation & Learning, and Student English Conversation & Learning:

“Student English” was by far my personal favorite impact activity. Sitting with 6th grade kids who are eager and excited to learn was indescribably rewarding. But keep in mind that for both activities, you are being welcomed into someone’s home or school. For the schools (Student English), women are required to wear a shirt that covers their shoulders (NO tank tops). Also ladies, if you’re going to wear shorts or a skirt, your knees must be covered. For Community English, you may dress a little more comfortable, but keep in mind you are going into someone’s home, in a somewhat professional capacity.

Of course, you should also pack sunscreen and bug spray, and one more item I’d definitely recommend is a “bucket”, or “fishing” hat. During your impact activities  you’ll find yourself out in the Caribbean sun quite a bit. Take it from a guy with a very sunburned nose and ears, wear a hat!

I really hope you this helps you prepare for what I promise will be, one of the greatest adventures of your life.

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