Plane Buzzes Norwegian Breakaway [Video]

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Sometimes, you get more than you bargained for when you take to the high seas! That was definitely the case when The Norwegian Breakaway left Bermuda Saturday afternoon to begin the journey back to her homeport of New York City.

Watch The Clip!

In the video below, filmed by a passenger aboard the ship, a plane identified by Business Aviation as a Falcon 50 maritime surveillance aircraft belonging to the French navy, can be seen passing incredibly close to the Breakaway. Reportedly, the plan was flying routine drills.

“Oh my God!” the observer can be heard uttering, and more than a few folks hit Facebook and message boards to share how scary the experience was. “It’s thrilling to see once you realize it‘s just a drill,” wrote one, “but as it’s happening, with a jet approaching the boat and the loud, accompanying roar, it’s terrifying. You can’t help but wonder if maybe it’s terrorism. You don’t want to think it, but in this day and age, it’s difficult not to!”

Watch the video below, and then tell us: If you didn’t know you were witnessing a drill, would you be frightened?

Photo/Video credit: Richard Ogle

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