Port Review of Cozumel, Mexico

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I always enjoy posting questions that people pose to me about cruising because chances are if one person is asking me the questions…. many others are wondering the same thing.

Today’s questions was a good one and to my surprise I have never wrote about it.

What is Cozumel, Mexico like ?

My journey was on the Carnival Legend, a seven night trip out of Tampa, Fla. Excursions are a dime a dozen and I highly recommend going to the excursion explanation meeting that they have on board the ship so you have a better understanding of what each excursion is.

The ship pulls into port unlike most western Caribbean destinations, so its walk on and walk off without the hassle of a tender boat. When you do walk off the ship, be prepared to be hounded by taxi drivers. A side note, Cozumel, is the largest island in Mexico, extending 28 miles.

If you enjoy snorkeling or diving this place is ideal for you. We did a snorkel excursion offered on the cruise ship and had a blast. Beer, snorkeling, boating, simply heaven! 🙂 If you want to just be a beach bum, there is plenty of that there too. After we did our snorkel excursion we went back to the boat, the sun will wear you out and dehydrate you.

On the walk back from the ship you will find a lot of bars and shops, make sure you stop and browse, they have all kinds of little nick knacks. If you buy booze, they will check it at the gangway and deliver it to your room on the last night.

Our table mates didn’t do an excursion but they did say they got to see the island along with some ancient ruins with a taxi and it was safe, so if an excursion is not in your budget, you have options.

Overall my experience of the island was good, I wasn’t overly impressed. You can’t beat the west Caribbean experience though: the turquoise water, drinks, and friends always make for a relaxing time.

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