Princess Fashionably Expands ‘Discovery at Sea’ Program

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Princess Cruises and popular TV channel TLC, in partnership with fashion expert Stacy London, are introducing Style at Sea with TLC.  It will be a new branded content program, created as part of Princess’ Discovery at Sea partnership.

Stacy is well-known for her time as co-host of TLC’s What Not to Wear and more recently, the series Love, Lust, or Run, where she coaches women on their questionable fashion choices and leads them to better options.

TLC has teamed up with Princess Cruises to provide style advice and how-to’s to make dressing aboard a cruise fun while still being stylish.  In addition, the cruise line’s current Runway at Sea onboard activity where guests can model clothes from the ship’s boutiques, will be revamped.

TLC personalities will host a video series to help women with the process of choosing the best pieces of clothing for their cruise, for example offering packing tips, dressing up for formal night, or applying makeup.  The program is geared toward taking the guesswork out of how to dress for both day and night during a cruise vacation.

Style at Sea with TLC video content and articles will be available early next year.

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